About Us

Expectations of Elevate Leaders:

  • Must Own Education
  • Subscribed to and be consistently active in the Business Builder Fee.
  • Time Commitment - In addition to weekly events and calls, Elevate LIT Team meets Mondays, 11AM-1PM. An active L.I.T. team member can miss no more than 1 leadership meeting per month.
  • 5-Star Certified Requirement unless exception made and voted upon by existing LIT team
  • Lead by example - Take responsibility for your actions. Be true to your word. Contribute your skills, time & resources. Actively build your Renatus business by continuing to market Renatus, and by being available to members of Team Elevate.
  • Unwavering Integrity - Honesty and Follow-through is of the utmost importance in this relationship-based business. Any acts of deceit or dishonesty will be addressed and dealt with immediately and actions will be voted upon by existing LIT team members.
  • Be on 2 of 4 weekly morning mastermind calls.
  • Income requirement is $10,000 per quarter


About Us

We believe in Elevating our goals, our businesses, our vision, our families, our health, our spirituality as we understand it, and all areas of the human condition so we might live truly blessed and abundant lives.

Our Philosophy

ELEVATE is not just a community of like minded investors and business owners. It is a philosophy infused into every area of our lives. We believe in living to our highest potential, and inspiring and guiding others to do the same.

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